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"Well, well, well. What a blessed day, sir, and if you ever put that meat skewer down I'd like to shake your hand, because I do believe I know who you are. Yes, sir. Tough-looking man, early thirties with black hair and black eyes. Japanese sword and Japanese face to go with it. I would bet my last ration dollar that you are none other than Tom Imura. Tom the Swordsman. Tom of the Woods. Fast Tommy. Tom the Killer."


"Most of those nicknames," Tom said, "were hung on me by people who don't really know me."

Tom Imura is a survivor of First Night - the night when the dead rose and the world started to change - and of the Ruin.

He lives out of Mountainside, one of the nine remaining settlements in what was California, with his younger brother Benny.

He makes his rations as a closure specialist, a bounty-hunter hired by other survivors to 'quiet' their kin in the Ruin, and can often be seen with an assortment of weapons, or what he likes to call 'tools of the trade.'

He's one of the best.
: : :

Disclaimer: Tom Imura is from the Benny Imura series, and is the property of Jonathan Maberry. He appears here solely for the purpose of role-playing in [info]milliways_bar, from which no profit whatsoever is being made.

Tom is pre-Rot & Ruin.

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